Dr Pauline Rennie-Peyton

Integrative psychotherapist and chartered psychologist Msc. AFBPsS

Personal relationships

People don’t get together in their personal life in order to make someone else and themselves miserable and yet many people achieve it. In the same way people don’t take a new job with the purpose of not getting on with people and being unhappy or making other people unhappy. Basically, people lack awareness of the impact of their own behavior on other people.

Dr Rennie-Peyton works with individuals who are not getting on with themselves and making themselves miserable, couples who are not getting on with each other, parents who are not getting on with their children and any combination of human relationships. Please visit the following page for more information available about Dr Rennie-Peyton's personal relationships services.

Professional relationships

Dr Rennie-Peyton also works in organisations both as a mediator, facilitator, professional developer and coach to help people have better relationships with themselves and other people.

Often difficult relationships have become a habit and professional attention can help them break that habit and work towards being fulfilled and happy in their working and private lives. Please contact Dr Rennie-Peyton directly for more information about her public speaking services.